Barriers to medical technology access

Access to quality, affordable, and effective medical devices and equipment (MDE) is a prerequisite to achieving universal health coverage (UHC). More than 2 million MDEs are available for disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. However, barriers to MDE access are prevalent across low and middle-income countries (LMICs), impairing sustainable healthcare service delivery to patients.

Access to MDEs across LMICs is constrained by a series of complex, interrelated challenges affecting every lifecycle stage.

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MEDDEV Central

MedDev Central is a suite of virtual interventions improving access to medical devices and equipment globally.

Improving medical technology development and commercialisation through virtual training programmes.

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Knowledge resources, tools and training supporting medical technology innovation and access.

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Business hub services supporting medical device and equipment access in resource-limited settings.

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MEDDEV Central Academy

Blended learning experiences through virtual self-paced and live teaching sessions covering the entire medical device lifecycle from ideation to commercialisation and post-market activities.

Topics include medical device software (SaMD), digital innovation, in vitro diagnostics, regulatory and market access strategy, corporate partnerships/M&A

Launching in January 2024

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MEDDEV Central Knowledge

MedDev Central Knowledge Hub is a lightweight mobile-first digital platform designed for low-resource settings offering solutions addressing barriers to medical technology innovation and market access.

Launching in January 2024


MEDDEV Central Business Hub

We are gathering input for user requirements from stakeholders across the medical technology industry and healthcare systems.

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